Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Making Buttons

A few weeks ago I spent the most amazing day at my friend, Tina's, pottery studio making buttons and thought I would share some of the photos with you.  I also love seeing other people's creative spaces, don't you?

So let's go in through these beautiful stained glass doors:
The last time I worked with clay was when I was at middle school in late 1970s so I was not quite sure what would be involved when Tina said "come and make some proper buttons at my studio" when she had seen my attempts with air-drying clay, but there was a little reassurance from the sign hanging just inside the door!
Porcelain or terracotta, coloured slip, was a whole new world to me!
There was so much to look at and to inspire me...
We chatted and listened to the radio as we worked, which was quite a treat as we are both used to working alone in our respective studios.  I had no idea how much work would be involved in making these buttons, but I loved every minute.
Tina made us a lovely lunch of carrot & ginger soup with rye bread, which was delicious.
I cut out more buttons in the afternoon...I still haven't counted how many I made!  
Here they all are ready to go into the kiln for their first firing:
It was a truly fabulous day! The work doesn't end there though, I returned a week later to wax and glaze the buttons ready for another firing in the kiln.  I have so much respect for potters and ceramicists...their making is an intensive process and one where you can never be sure exactly what the results will be.  If you sometimes think that the price of ceramic buttons is high, I would say think again because it nowhere near covers the amount of time that has been spent making them!

Here are just a few of the lovely buttons I collected a couple of weeks ago.  My plans for them are top secret at the moment, but I am sure I shall reveal all here at some point over the coming months.
Tina makes some amazing pieces and you can find her on Facebook and Instagram

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  1. Just been reading your post with interest. It is lovely to see creative workplaces. Great photos and the buttons look fab! xx


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